Unleash the POWER of Video and Facebook to generate $$ Online
With No Website & No List!

Video Auto Clicker

Dear Frustrated Marketer, Making money online is a dream for a lot of people. Besides the fact that you can make thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a month there is also a freedom with working online that you just cant get ever get from a 9-5 job. When you make money online you're the boss, you work as much or as little as you want, on your terms. Your not working to make some rich jerk (who does not care about you) even richer! Unfortunately most people who try to do online marketing fail for one big reason:

They have  NO LIST   and   NO TRAFFIC!

You can't make money online if you can't send traffic to a sales page.


What if you could send clicks to your affiliate links, to your CPA offers, or any other website you want without needing a list or a website? What if you could harness the power of video and combine it with the social nature of Facebook to drive clicks to your affiliate links, CPA offers, or sales pages?

Well Now You Can!

My name is Brett Rutecky and I'm a experienced online marketer and a professional software developer. For the first time ever I'm going to reveal to the general public the secret software that I originally developed for my own marketing efforts.

With this 100% white hat system,

It can help you make affiliate income without needing a website or any kind of
additional budget. It harnesses the power of video marketing and combines it
with the social nature of Facebook to give you an explosive method for
driving traffic to your affiliate links, CPA offers or sales pages!

With this system there is:

This software lets you put YouTube videos on your timeline, on any fan page you manage or
on any Facebook group you are a member of. It lets you add a call to action (affiliate) link
under the video and it will redirect people to your affiliate link once
they finish watching the video!

You get clicks without a list or a website!

This is great for review videos, interviews, promos, CPA offers, and all sorts of marketing. All you have to do is post your video around Facebook to your timeline, on your fan page, or in relevant groups you are a member of.

Retargeting Built In

These days retargeting is essential because smart marketers have proven that it does one thing and it does it well. It increases sales, conversions and in short it makes you more money. Video Auto Click lets you add your own custom retargeting code (such as Facebook retargeting) so that anyone who redirects from your video is automatically added to your retargeting campaign. Its like getting an optin, without the optin form.

The normal price of Video Auto Click is $97 for a lifetime, unlimited use membership. However for a limited time you can get access for the unheard of price of:

Video Auto Clicker

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